Is Experience a BIG DEAL?

Most of us believe the term ''Experience'' is the most valuable word in our life. But How & Why ? See, we all need Experiences to get a better job, an effective planning which helps us to make a better future. It make us more stronger, increase our confident and the ability to solve the problems we face in every day life
  • Now the question is, From where can we find the Experience or How can we gather the same? The answer is simple, we can’t buy it or we can’t find it. What we need to do is………

Try to learn something from each an every situations, that you have been gone through or every important moment ( which may not seems to be that important ) that you are currently going though. The main thing is that, you have to learn from every situations you come across. It really does not matter how the situation is .Is it happy, sad or so so !!!

This is one of the important way to gathered the Experience. The more you learn the more you can gather Experience. To give it a proper shape, it has to be apply in the real world.

  • Our Real world/Environment-> Its a place basically where we live, it consist of many known and unknown elements. Known Elements include-> people with whom we usually interact, the things which we usually used, places where we usually visited, in simple these are the elements which are known to us, and we get tough with it on a normal routine basis that may be our duty or something else. Unknown Elements include-> I believe, the elements which does not exits physically, but conceptually it exist. like our fate, luck, curse. etc.
  • These are the elements which maintain our life, it controls our happiness, sadness, reputation, behavior and bla bla......
  1. Our behavior changes according to our experiences with people and events in our life. If we have a positive experience with a person, our attitude toward him becomes positive
    and vice versa.
  2. Experience and Knowledge are totally dependent on each other, knowledge increases our experience and vice versa.

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  1. Yes, experience is definitely a big deal. It has great importance in seeking a job.



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