NID Previous Year Question Paper with answer or solution

Here we have tried to put NID Question Paper with answer or solution even you can have NID sample 2013| model papers 2013| Mock Test Paper 2013 annual exam preparation. Here you may het NID last 10 years question papers with solution, or at least NID Previous years question.

NID old question papers either in pdf file or in text for NID you can download (free) NID exam pdf files, if its Text NID question paper, please save that page, goto File menu and Save NID Paper Page .

NID Model | Sample | Mock Test Question Paper for 2012 Exam, This NID Question are based on the NID exam syllabus.  Free download pdf NID Question Bank with solution NID exam 2012 Books and Study Materials are here all these NID question bank and Books is free downloadable,

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  1. Candidates those who have craze for fashion go for this NID exam.To help all those candidates we have got sample papers for them..visit NID Sample Papers

    1. NID is all about "Design".. and not fashion. So, fashion crazy people should go for NIFT and not NID. NID is above fashion.

  2. My daughter wants to be a part of NID. Therefore, kindly forward previous years NID Papers.

  3. can u tell me when is the entrance exam ?

  4. can u tell me when is the entrance exam ?

  5. the application forms have already come out. last date is the 2nd of nov. the exam is held sometime in jan, maybe the 12th. check it on the nid webpage.

  6. Ami, ug exams happenin on Jan 11 & For GDPD on Jan 12 :)

  7. when are the forms of 2104-2015 going to come?? PLZ reply....

  8. What is the procedure for taking admission? I mean on what basis a student(10+2) should appear for the examination?



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